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A recent column explained a problem bicyclists have with drivers. As a walker, I have problems with both of them.

Bicyclists still ride their bikes on the city sidewalks, many at a high rate of speed. Most never ring a bell or even call out that they will be passing a walker on the right or left.

Drivers gun their engines to get through the intersection before the light changes to red.

The walk sign already shows, but I do recheck before starting across the intersection. By waiting just a few seconds, by the time I am halfway across the intersection, the sign shows just 14 seconds left to complete my crossing.

One last suggestion for the bicyclists. In the summertime, in downtown Missoula, get off your bikes and walk them through the mobs of people instead of riding your bikes on the sidewalks and crosswalks.

It is time some respect was shown, and as a senior citizen, I do not move as fast as I used to, so I cannot jump out of your way! However, I can and will still express my opinion in the hope some improvement can be made.

Janet Fay,


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