At a recent breakfast in Madrid it was all I could do not to get in the face of a Chinese and United Kingdom couple next to me enjoying tearing down our president. What I should have said:

How can a Brit rant about how Donald Trump talks when the British Parliament is the most offensive body in the world? Or if you acted like Trump in the Chinese political arena, you'd not have to worry about how you talked, as your head would soon be distant from your body.

If you're retired and have your retirement invested in the stock market, it's impossible to complain. Black, Hispanic, Asian or youth, you enjoy the lowest unemployment of all time. A woman? The lowest unemployment since your man was overseas trying to save Britain. A middle-income American? You enjoy a 3% wage increase over inflation for the first time in decades, or if employed in manufacturing, 3.7%. Oh yeah, and lower taxes. And how about that $160 billion surplus the U.S. managed in April, the last month reported?

That's what I should have said, rather than knot my jaws so tightly steam was coming out my ears.

Larry Martin,


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