House Bill 279 would provide wolf trappers with "expense reimbursement," which smacks of payment for bounty hunting.

It is my professional judgment that wolf trapping is a barbaric, violent practice that is disrespectful to all sentient beings. Wolf trapping shows no mercy, using steel on the limbs of an intelligent, pack-oriented animal to hold it until a trapper shoots it or clubs it to death.

To argue that this is a "Montana tradition" makes one guilty of using the logical fallacy of "tradition" as a reason for behavior. Not only is this reasoning flawed, the value assumption in this worldview belies a human anthropology that has continued to exacerbate violence on itself and on other species.

To argue that it is one's "right" to exercise his chosen, lawful vocation ignores the moral domain, exposing this witless "argument" as politically grounded — selfish and destructive, and nothing else.

We Montanans have a choice every day to protect our unique, beautiful biosphere and all of its beings, or to destroy it, and them, based on specious narcissism and lack of empathy and moral justification.

This bill does not reflect the majority view of Montanans. It is a view of an extremist minority who are violent, un-empathetic and un-sensitive to the complex lives of beings other than the ones with whom they share blood and DNA. This bill should be halted immediately.

Kevin Boileau,