I'm a woman living in Montana. I've lived in five states and have had many careers. I've had a great, full life. I've always worked and made my life better. I've never taken any welfare. I've always paid my own health insurance. I love to hunt and eat the meat. I love God, family, friends, the flag, people to animals, my freedom and my country.

I can't believe what is going on in the United States of America. We've had crooks and evil in politics forever, Democrats and Republicans; they call it the swamp. Americans have known it and wanted it stopped.

We finally voted in a president who is really trying. He won't be bullied or controlled. That's why he won!

He loves our country, he believes in God. He doesn't take a paycheck. He doesn't drink, smoke or do drugs. I know he wasn't a perfect person before he became president but none of us have been.

Look at all he has accomplished in two and a half years. The economy, the stock market is the best it's ever been. People are working, more jobs than ever. Welfare and food stamps have gone down. Veterans are being taken care of; the military is on top again; our space program is back. Women are treated equally. ISIS has been eliminated. The wall is being built.

Yet, we have the Donald Trump haters. They hate his hair, his personality, his family. They never give him any credit for the good he does.

The open borders are ruining our country. People are pouring in. The Democrats won't do anything about it, because of their hate for Trump. They would rather lose our country than give him a chance. Most don't even know or pay any attention to what is going on; they just make up their minds to be stupid haters.

Donald Trump is not a racist, bigot, homophobe or a woman-hater. He is trying to be realistic about climate change. He knows it can't be changed overnight. If people would pay attention and not listen to or read all the fake news, they would know the truth.

The liberal Democrats, not all, want socialism, open borders, late abortions, no guns, no Christianity, free college and health insurance, nobody works (who pays for this?). They want incarcerated felons and young kids to vote. They want to get rid of our past history and the Constitution. Right now, our schools and colleges are teaching our children to be liberals.

If this ever happens, the government owns us. We give up our freedom for everything. Really, is this what you want? This is a big deal in the history of our country. Let's not let this happen. Please stop and think.

Remember, what they did to Jesus when they crucified him and he said "forgive them for they know not what they do." Well, you do know what you are doing? Stop the hate in the world. Stop crucifying Donald Trump!

Lynda Klein,


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