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Where are the Democrats and Independents who are supposed to be defending our democracy and the needs of the U.S. of America? Why is there no outrage? Why are they not clamoring for stopping President Donald Trump's ruination of our democracy? Who is standing up to the president of the U.S. to demand change and rational, evidence-based information? To the constant lying by Donald Trump? Where are they who oppose him and his agenda hiding?

As bad as Trump has been and continues to be, I have lost faith in the Democratic and Independent parties to stand up and say "no more." What, what, what is it going to take before our democratic "leaders " stand up?

Nuclear war? More students killed by guns in schools? More immigrants separated from children? Misogyny, double standards, lying, lying, lying?

Worse than all, the corruption of our very democratic institutions that have held this country up since its founding?

If we have any chance of recovering from a mere year of this destruction, we must stand up or all will be lost.

Stand up, Democratic representatives and senators, for all of our sakes, and for that matter, the world. 

Voters, stand up!

Jane Rock,


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