At the start of winter, the Missoula City Council expressed concern about the lack of sidewalks being shoveled.

I was concerned about the lack of plowing the streets in all the neighborhoods. Most owners did a good job cleaning their sidewalks. I could walk along a cleaned sidewalk until I arrived at an intersection. To step from the sidewalk to the street was like stepping onto an ice skating rink. With my increasing years, I no longer have any ice skates.

If streets will not be plowed, how about some sand at the intersections? You see, to make it across the intersections, I had my hiking boots, complete with cleats, to make that crossing. Yet these crossings did take time, and I was not making the drivers very happy as they waited for me to cross. 

I usually did make it to the bus stop in time to catch my bus, but it did take time. By leaving home quite early and catching the bus, I was able to arrive on time for my appointments.

The city is growing, so isn't it time to take a look at the street department budget, as they are one of the most important departments in the city? I am certain they need additional financing in order to have more equipment and personnel. It would be my hope that this could be done without increasing taxes. Maintaining streets is important need of all cities, and towns.

One last suggestion: Since the dogs need art to look at while playing in their parks, could a special fund be set up by those folks interested in art projects around the city?

Janet Fay,


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