It was very appalling to read recent articles about the continued gentrification of Montana and Missoula by out-of-staters in the housing market. Yet Democrats’ response for the umpteenth time is again to “study” the issue. Is hiring more well-paid bureaucrats with huge benefit packages really the only possible answer to the crisis Montanans are facing trying to just put roofs over their heads?

Montana already has one of the most regressive tax structures imaginable. Workers only have to make $9 an hour to pay the highest income tax rate, and everyone from owners to renters pay monthly the high property tax rates that continue to rise as more Americans and immigrants move here. Can anyone really tell the thousands of Montanans living in retirement or on fixed incomes that a consumption-based tax like sales tax is worse than seeing their property tax rise year after year until they’re forced from their homes?

I’m sure for Californians fleeing huge tax burdens, Montana’s homes, land and colleges are a great deal. But for the struggling poor and working classes, it appears we’ve been abandoned by our leaders for the deep pockets of the rich. This is your legacy, Baby Boomers.

Timothy Adams,


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