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I have been reading more and more letters to the editor complaining about the wasteful spending on behalf of our local, state and federal government in Missoula, while the problem with homelessness seems to be growing.

I agree our citizens and especially our children should not live in fear of these homeless people. We can't continue to pay for handouts, instead of a hand up through proper employment training. We need a change, regardless of those who make a living catering to or incarcerating the homeless or the poor.

It appears that at least on the local level, Jesse Ramos on the city council is the only one who has taxpayer and the homeless/poor interests at heart. The rest of the city council and mayor don't appear to have any sense with regards to either.

It is disheartening to see that no one seems to be getting behind Ramos. If the only way to change things once we elect these people into government is to voice our opinions, then I wish more people would do so.

Please call Ramos to see what you can do, and write a letter to the Missoulian expressing your concerns.

Cindy Morris,


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