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Missoulian mailbag

In response to Geoffrey Taylor's (Oct. 1) letter about the closure of the Job Service in Hamilton:

Pam Bucy is no longer the head of the Department of Labor. She stepped down in August while the budget cuts were being discussed. I saw Bucy in Missoula recently and we discussed the cuts.

Taylor should take the closure of the Hamilton Job Service up with his representative, Nancy Ballance. Bucy told me that she had called Ballance to tell her about the cuts and Ballance replied, "This is the world we live in."

It seems to me with all economic indicators up, and unemployment at an all-time low, the reason the state is in such a financial mess has as much to do with the fires of this last summer as it does because the Republican majority refuses to raise taxes on corporations. Raising taxes on alcohol and tobacco is a start, but there should be some room for some give from corporations that reap benefits from Montana. Can't the two parties come to an agreement and avoid an expensive special session?

Making it harder for people to find jobs by closing Job Service centers seems to be a ridiculous way to balance the budget.

Sue Orr,


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