The Christmas Tree: This is a tale so true, about a tree long ago; and a man, one of many, who did not work for shelter when the chilly winds blow; nor food or clothes or even a penny, but smart was he and even shrewder, sensing his neighbors' angst over days less long, sun vanishing, darkness the intruder.

But he knew better, he told the anxious throng; I alone can save you and make old Sol return, for a modest cost of course, here’s my list: three goats, two sheep, a virgin and goodies in an urn, payable up front, I do insist!

And on the appropriate day of which he knew, he ascended the highest visible hill; secrets passed down to an elite few, he utilized to the assembled mass's thrill, and torched the tallest tree for all to view.

The next few days, sure enough they saw; were longer with sun and more each day again, which now filled them all with awe. He did it again, hallelujah, amen!

Dick Darne,