I believe most people in a political office or other bureaucrats do so with the best of intentions. However, as human beings go, sometimes there go the good intentions.

Certain local government bureaucrats have come up with tax increment financing (TIF), using your tax money. Again, the idea is probably a good one, with the best of intentions behind it — but.

Any time a taxpayer is separated from their money, they need to research what the original intent was for that money and how that money is really being used. In far too many cases this money is being used to schmooze special interest concerns such as for trails, trail bridges or trail underpasses. The money spent on these special-interest projects could have built walkways over major roads, providing safe pathways for school children.

Then there is TIF for corporate welfare, as in downtown hotels and additions to the mall, including new access points, providing more minimum wage jobs, with no real return. In the meantime, check out your blighted roads in Missoula.

Don't take my word about TIF; look it up on the internet. Then question the condition of your roads and the term of your leaders.

John Rice,


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