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Open letter to Missoula County Commissioners Cola Rowley, Josh Slotnick and Dave Strohmaier:

Thank you for having the courage to question the process and data provided that were set up by previous commissioners regarding the proposed South Avenue Bridge.

Inaccurate, misleading and invented facts have been promoted recently by a few loud individuals who live mainly within a couple blocks of the Maclay Bridge. They will profit personally if they are successful at getting Maclay Bridge removed, regardless of what it means to community residents. There is important new information that has not been reviewed.

All three of you commissioners are showing you are willing to do your jobs as you consider significant health and safety impacts to the greater community. Real leadership looks out for all Missoula County taxpayers.

A viable rehab option for Maclay Bridge will save millions and prevent additional unnecessary taxpayer dollars being spent. We are very fortunate to have county commissioners who are not intimidated by the bullying tactics of a few individuals who have vested interests in opposing the rehabilitation of Maclay Bridge.

Commissioners, thank you for your service in the face of the assault on your integrity.

Jeff Rupkalvis,


This letter is signed by 108 individuals.

The full list of signers is available online at

Anne Rupkalvis,

Helen Orendain,

Dave Loomis,

Beverley Loomis,

Bob Kirscher,

Marcia Kirscher,

Gary Botchek,

Sharon Dill,

Roger Hinther,

Jan Hinther,

Nancy Stoverud,

Richard Houldson,

Mike Wilson,

Julie Wilson,

Julie Engh Peters,

Greg Peters, 

Janene Caywood,

Milo McLeod,

Brian Riggers, 

Linh Hoang,

Peggie Morrison, 

John Peters,

George Hart, 

Becky Peters, 

Katelyn Bykari,

Justin Bykari,

Bob Carter,

Carrie Elensky,

Mike Elensky,

Mike Houck, 

Sheila Houck,

Linda Hartry,

Josh Peters,

Wendy Dupuis,

Melina Peters,

Fred Stewart, 

Geri Stewart,

Vickie Mikelsons,

Suzanne Schweitzer,

Robert Schweitzer,

Cristen Zachariasen,

Ryan Zachariasen,

Marcia Steinweden,

Sharon Sterbis,

Mike Sterbis, 

Robert Mutch,

Jan Lieber,

Marcus Granger,

Laura Granger,

Mark Bresson,

Tom Peterson,

Lois Peterson,

Ed Taylor,

Laura Taylor,

Jim Parker,

Jay Nochols,

Maureen Nichols,

Kim Everingham,

Mark Everingham,

Will McDowell,

Sam Millett,

George Hirschenberger,

Fred Granger, 

Kate Pennacchio,

Mike Pennacchio,

Lance Hinther, 

Mary Granger, 

Jim Fleharty,

Carol Fleharty,

Jason Helms,

Jennifer Helms,

Tom Stuckey, 

Sandy Stuckey, 

Mark Partridge,

Sue Partridge,

Don Long,

Frank Muth,

Tom Stockstill,

John Jacobs,

Shannon Jacobs,

Dane Armour,

Dean Graham,

Joann Graham,

Cyd Ferguson,

Paul Ferguson,

Ernest Kradolfer,

Ruth Kradolfer,

Helen Garrett,

Deree Ricci,

Rita Devlin,

Mike Devlin,

Mary Vanderzand,

George Gogas,

Lynn Gogas,

Kate Jackson,

Nancy Chandler,

Jim Stauffer,

Di Stauffer, 

Michael Chandler,

Whitney Martin,

Patrick Martin,

Dave Caron,

Debbie Caron,

Jeff Botkin,

Jerelyn Botkin,

Bonnie Anderson,

Hillary Selvin

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