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The crisis of our time is hidden in our food

The crisis of our time is hidden in our food


280 million pounds of Glyphosate are sprayed annually. Glyphosate kills microbes in the soil, kills weeds, kills the micro-biome in your digestive tract, and earns a very few people a very lot of money.

Since Glyphosate was introduced, tremendous changes have occurred in agriculture and society. They can be seen in rising rates of autism, gluten intolerance, obesity, virus-related syndromes and illnesses, a widening socio-economic health disparity, and diminishing vitamin content in foods.

This is not a coincidence. Glyphosate is toxic. It is persistent, damaging, and misrepresented by the companies that benefit from its sale and use.

Demand the Montana Department of Agriculture (MDA) stop promoting chemical-agriculture and the use of Glyphosate. Demand MDA put our health at the top of the priority list and ban Glyphosate in all its brand names, uses, and forms. MDA must shift toward regenerative agriculture, putting soil health first to heal the soil, heal our guts, heal our children, and heal the disparities that are driving us apart.

Stop spraying, ask your workplace or church to stop spraying, and inform yourself about the hidden threat to agriculture and society that hides in our food and haunts our Montana Agricultural Way of Life.

Laura Garber,


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