Montana Attorney General Tim Fox, Republican candidate for Montana covernor is touted as “centrist,” and his milquetoast persona lends itself to that impression. This persona can also be reflective of a lack in character, including spinelessness and willingness to compromise for personal promotion.

Which aspects of milquetoast does Fox’s record support? Three facts come to mind. He promoted unnecessary 2019 legislation that codified into law narcotics-prescribing practices that were already being followed, promoting the sensational false narrative that compassionate physicians are the cause of the opiate crisis, leading more physicians to abandon suffering pain patients. Typical spinelessness to go after law-abiding citizens rather than kingpin providers of narcotics: drug cartels (shipments from China) and the dark web.

Even more odious and reprehensible, Fox did not take a stand against red flag gun confiscation laws during this year’s session. Fortunately, Montana legislators and other citizens took action and stopped it.

Also notable, Llew Jones enslavement caucus Republicans endorse Tim Fox. What do the enslavement caucus and Fox have in common? Both promote growing government at the expense of individual liberty.

Say “no” to government toady Tim Fox.

Annie Bukacek,


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