Just like the laws of statistical probability suggest that, eventually, a room full of monkeys with typewriters will bang out some of Shakespeare’s finest, it stands to reason that the Montana Public Service Commission will make a sensible unanimous decision.

Last month, the PSC beat the odds and denied NorthWestern Energy’s request to price-gouge customers with rooftop solar. For the time being, existing and new customers will continue with the ability to sell their excess electricity at a fair price, and NWE will, in turn, be able to then sell it to everybody else.

Evidence suggests that this is a one-off instance. Recent history is replete with the various factions digging in, while the hapless PSC slumbered its way toward siding with corporate interests, not those of rate-paying Montanans.

It’s time for a genuine conversation about how to embrace rooftop solar’s place on the electricity grid, as well as means to harmonize it with other forms of clean, renewable energy. It’s time for a Public Service Commission that embraces reality.

Brett Rosenberg, 

Democratic candidate,

District 4,

Montana Public

Service Commission,


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