Missoula County has a treasurer who does math that is unscientific, quick and dirty "Cost of doing business," Sept. 3). Just what you want from your treasurer. Is there somewhere in his job description that says he is to be an advocate for new taxes?

A local option tax is just a sales tax, plain and simple. The most regressive tax that there is. Any Democrat who supports a sales tax should be ashamed of themselves, including Mayor John "I never met a tax I didn't like" Engen.

The summer tourists arrive in Missoula the week after Memorial Day and leave the week of Labor Day; that's 10 weeks. Guess who gets to pay the tax the other 42 weeks?

Other visitors who come for concerts and football games are mostly from other Montana towns. Maybe we should call it a "screw your neighbor tax."

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I talk to tourists all day long and they tell me that one of the top reasons they come here is that there is no sales tax. No figures that I ever read talk about the money that people won't spend here.

Sandra Vasecka is running for City Council in Ward 6. Support her.

Rob Foote,


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