I wanted to thank all those very self-aware people who believe a snake is a service animal. It is easy to appreciate the medical services a hedgehog can bring to a person’s disability, and how much a rat can help out too. Bringing certain species on a plane could make a frightening movie plot, but in all reality, did you think about those who are really suffering and in need of assistance to even get there?

Personally, for the sake of my multiple disabilities, I prefer an animal with a mind large enough to understand spoken language, perhaps one that can differentiate blood sugars, or rapid seizure onset and low medicinal levels; perhaps even an animal strong enough to pull me upstairs or support me when I am passing out, like a very intelligent and kind American pitbull breed, who is emotionally capable enough to understand my feelings on this very fomented subject. I am not referring to your untrained, unsocialized bully here. No, it’s not just a vest.

So, to all those who like to take advantage of the kindness of American laws, for the sake of snakes on a plane, I just wanted to let you know just how much I appreciate all the confusion and duress you have placed on those who really need a service animal to get along in society. Your self-awareness has made it impossible for disabled to travel.

Having read the recent Department of Transportation final ruling toward air carriers on the issue, thanks for nothing. Perhaps you did not realize, as your need for self-expression overruled the rights of the deserving and needing, but really, what medical services does your snake provide, and what psychological disorder do you suffer from that requires a hedgehog to redefine your very selfish needs?

Jacques F. Boulet,


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