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Trapping is a free service? In his Feb. 24 letter, Mike Dey states that if trapping is banned we would have to pay the government for what trappers do as a free service.

Subjecting an average of 55,000 wild animals (a minimum figure, as only 40 percent of trappers even report) to gruesome, tortuous deaths on average yearly for their personal profit and blood lust, is no service to us or our wildlife. Relatively few human/wildlife conflicts can’t be resolved without employing deadly traps.

Tourism is the second-largest industry in this state. Many visitors annually bring millions of dollars, drawn to see our relative abundance of wildlife.

Market hunting was banned long ago due to its destruction of viable wildlife populations. Permitting trappers to financially profit from killing wildlife is incongruous, since it was realized long ago that killing wildlife for profit was so destructive. Wildlife, by law, belongs to all the people of this state, not just the less than 1 percent who financially profit from killing it.

No, Mike Dey, trappers do not provide a service. Trapping constitutes a destructive practice inflicted on our common wildlife heritage. 

Rebecca Royle,


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