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When young, my sister and I would chorus the Superman TV script together, praising "truth, justice and the American Way." It was fun and underscored America's ends and means for the world. Our hero was a fact-based investigative journalist rescuing the world's oppressed, something allied democracies fought two world wars over.

In college, I learned Nietzsche's legendary Superman was a lot more like the actual Trump administration: untruthful and conspiratorial, grievance-laden and vengeful. Putin, Trump, Duterte and Un declare themselves exclusive authorities as they batter social media-weakened newspapers to surrender name recognition and global power to anti-heroes.

Scott Pruitt's Environmental Protection Agency made sky trails for pollution, not against. Agit Pai's Federal Communications Commission facilitates the monopoly of Trump propagandist Sinclair Broadcasting. Rex Tillerson and Mike Pompeo's State drops inspections and missile limitations from the North Korea accord, departs Trans-Pacific diplomacy, preferring trade wars instead, and scuttles U.S. exercises during China's military expansion. Betsy DeVos banishes "public goods” from federal education, and abandons children's civil rights. Jeff Sessions' "zero tolerance policy” at Justice imposes injustice on war-torn migrant families.

“Look, up in the sky” — it's General Zod of Superman II, doppleganging the “American way.”

Bruce Russell Sr.,


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