The Democratic candidates will have to be very innovative to capture the will of the people, in spite of President Trump's blunders. In every debate, every statement by Trump must be debated and rebutted, no matter how picayune. Each candidate, when making a statement, should look directly in the eye of the TV camera, rather than at Trump.

The tobacco industry is being taxed in order to help fund health care for smokers. The polluting industries should be taxed to support universal health care and the electric car production. Without subsidies in the U.S., China will corner the electric car market. Already, over half of the scooters in Shanghai, I witnessed, are electric. Next will be their cars.

A little gentle taxation of our polluters, instead of fining them, would be more popular and beneficial. Certainly, some taxation will be needed to fund universal health care, a popular cause for most Americans. And to do that we need a healthy, robust economy.

The alternatives to Trump's priorities must not be extreme but very attractive to most voters for the Dems to win in 2020.

Howard Horton,


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