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Hey Donald Trump! Why can't you understand that the caravans from central America are not an "invasion of illegals?" They are families seeking asylum who are crossing the border and surrendering to immigration authorities.

Get a clue! If you had prepared for these families back before the election with increased judges to process them and humanitarian staff to take care of their needs, instead of trying to instill fear and hatred towards them, you wouldn't have had to resort to the cruelty of separating the children from their parents and other obscenities as you struggled to deal with them.

You are a horrible leader and negotiator! Threatening to call a national emergency and using the military to build the wall is absolutely ludicrous. You can't go calling a national emergency just because you can't get what you want from Congress — the same way you can't call for a government shutdown when you don't get what you want from Congress.

You are a simpleton who can't learn from your mistakes. Isn't that the prime definition of stupidity?

Cindy Hockenberry,


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