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Trump has not fulfilled the mantle of president

Trump has not fulfilled the mantle of president


Republicans and Democrats. Democrats and Republicans. It seems like nearly everyone is hard-wired to vote for one or the other. Our emotions are very tightly wound up in our politics. But being hard-wired makes it almost impossible to see both sides of an issue and there are always at least two sides. The Republican Party is the party of business. The Democratic Party is the party of public service. They both do some good. Every so often, business needs to be freed from stifling regulations so it can function. Occasionally somebody needs to care about the environment, schools and health care. If Republicans are in power too long, giant corporations are allowed to run rampant over the country. If Democrats are in power too long, they want to regulate everything clear down to how big a soft drink you can buy.

Republicans want to cut things that are supported by tax money, but when Trump tried to close down Trapper Creek Job Corps, the whole county, Republicans and Democrats alike, rose up in protest.

There are public programs that do a tremendous amount of good. How many older people in the valley could get along without Social Security and Medicare? Trump has already talked about cutting them back. When we vote for a candidate we are not just voting for the person, we are voting for his party's philosophy of government and economics, but I don't believe that Trump represents the true philosophy of the Republican party. Right now he has the Republicans in Congress in such a grip that they are are afraid to criticize or gainsay him because they are terrified of his constituency. Mr. Trump has brought every kook in the country out of the woodwork. Have you heard of a conspiracy group called Q-anon?

Look it up. Trump has endorsed it. Republicans need to be freed to think and act rationally. I believe our only hope of keeping to the middle ground is to not let either party stay in power too long. If either party is in power too long, they each push their agenda too far. I am seriously considering voting Democratic in this election---four years from now I may well be voting Republican, but for now it's time to Dump Trump. He's had his chance. Mitt Romney (a Republican) put it best: "Mr. Trump has not risen to fulfill the mantle of the office." 

Daryl Cooper,


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