Your president. What a miserable excuse for a president of the United States of America.

He is a disgrace as a businessman (six bankruptcies). A disgrace as a husband (Stormy Daniels, et al) and father (Eric, Donny Jr. — please. “If she wasn’t my daughter I’d be dating her” — eww!). A disgrace as a human (racist, misogynist, pathological liar, business cheat, thief, sexual assaulter, malignant narcissist, family destroyer, lazy, ignorant, coward). Dim-witted (look at his school transcripts).

We witness these traits every day. You see them as plainly as the rest of us. Donald Trump is a despicable individual. He’s a person you wouldn’t allow into your home. He’s actively dismantling environmental protections, rolling back individual rights, and is even railing against the First Amendment rights of the press, except for FOX “News.”

Evangelicals have made a deal with the devil. They still support this bum for the simple fact that Trump’s pandering to those religious extremists advances their agenda, regardless how it has destroyed their churches’ credibility.

You were drawn by his phony economic populism. You thought that tax cut would help you. It didn’t.

So what is it? Are you that scared by minorities that Trump’s racist malarkey actually comforts you?

Jerry O'Malley,


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