According to President Trump, he is a champion of the environment. Excuse me if I seem a bit confused. I think this is the same man who pulled out of the Paris agreement, said he would eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency and has put more coal and oil lobbyists as cabinet members than any other president.

I just recently read "Alice in Wonderland." At least Lewis Carroll knew he was dealing in fantasy; Donald Trump has no such distinction. Anything this man says, no matter how far-fetched, serves as truth. His cabinet members stood and applauded his remarks and then, one by one, attested to his dedication to conservation. Am I the only one who sees how dangerous this is getting?

In response, former Clinton EPA director Carol Browner said, "Trump's environmental record is such a toxic disaster it should be declared a Superfund site." 'Nuff said.

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John McClellan,


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