I find that some are claiming Donald Trump's actions in his dealings, such as with the Ukrainian president, are only that of a "hard-dealing" modern businessman. I would like to point out a Jeff Stein Newsweek article from January 2019 which clearly showed Trump’s decades of connections to organized crime.

In the 1980s, in New York City real estate, it was widely known that American Italian organized crime organizations were heavily invested in this business. Trump could not have avoided the mob. Roy Cohn, the lawyer and Trump mentor, was at one time married to a Ukrainian family which he himself called Ukrainian Mafia. It is also reported that Russian organized crime figures purchased Trump properties, at inflated prices.

Trump’s demeanor, speech and actions are not only authoritarian in nature but could also be that of a head of a crime syndicate. If this is a typical modern American businessman, we have many more problems than we may have thought, If this were the case — which I hope not — it would be apparent that even more stringent regulation of corporations is needed, certainly not less, as a Republican would claim.

Erwin Curry,


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