As a lifelong Republican who has never voted for a Democrat, I still believe that Barack Obama was the worst president up to his time, but those faults are dwarfed by those of President Trump.

I am amazed daily how the members of the Party of Lincoln have become the lackeys and apologists of the most corrupt U.S. president ever. It is unbelievable to hear one Republican politician after another tell bold-faced lies as they become lackeys of our crooked president.

Where has their sense of honesty gone? Are they dishonest or simply ignorant?

It is increasingly clear that Trump is a pathological liar, a failed businessman and a functional illiterate who is corrupt, narcissistic, does not have the intellect to understand his job and is totally clueless about climate change. He is a wannabe dictator who needs to be impeached and removed immediately.

All Republican politicians who support him should also be voted out of office for what is obstructionism and even treason. The worst thing is that the whole Republican Party is going to take a drubbing in the next election and the Democrats may swing the pendulum too far the other way. He must be removed immediately!

Art Whistler,


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