Dear Republicans in Congress:

I just don't know how you can support and lie for Donald Trump. He is a traitor to America and now he is a war criminal to the world. He has put the United States in much harm and danger. He is sending young men and women to defend his ego. This draft-dodger with bone spurs has no business sending the United States to war. 

You Republicans try and tell us how great the economy is for America. That is true if you are rich, but for the middle class and the working poor, they have been left behind I.

The national debt has ballooned. The trade wars helped the rich but many businesses, farmers and ranchers have gone broke.

Many of our allies no longer trust United States because of Donald Trump.

Hate crimes have exploded since Trump has been president.

We have children left in cages dying and nothing is done about this disaster. Children with numbers on their arms, just like the concentrations camps of Nazi Germany.

What kind of leader would criticize the free press and tell the public it is just "fake news" and then call for closing the free press?

What kind of leader would attack his own FBI and CIA? The agencies that protect him and all the citizens of the United States?

What kind of leader would shut down his own country, lay off over 800,000 workers and have no regrets? 

President Trump and his administration are out to destroy democracy in America and you, the Republicans in Washington, have forgotten America! Why? What has happened to the Republicans?

LaVon Brillhart,


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