We are sickened by the devastating fires scorching drought-stricken California, exhausted firefighters from around the country putting their lives at risk to put them out, against adversity and the strong winds.

Not once has there been a word from the White House of condolence or support to help California. And then this horrible, deranged, narcissistic man they call president has threatened to take away federal funding if California doesn't manage its fires better. Fifty percent of California is federally owned land.

Donald Trump has basically stolen disaster assistance money from all of the U.S. to pay for his ridiculous wall (part of which he says will be in Colorado; he doesn't know his geography). Trump has taken money from our military to spend on his ego-driven quest for a "wall". Trump, who doesn't believe in science or climate change, has the audacity to threaten removing help from one of our largest states in desperate need, further weakening our security and emboldening foreign adversaries.

He is treating California like he did Puerto Rico. He is acting like his dictator friends. He should not be president. Write or call in support of California and its dedicated firefighters.

Kay Gervais,


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