It’s nice to see how everything is coming together so perfectly.

Donald Trump is determined to build a wall on our southern border, hopefully making it more difficult for non-residents to sneak into the USA. (Unless they know what a ladder is.)

He’s taking money from schools and the national defense budget to fund the project.

That means that many Americans will be poorly educated and thus less likely to be able to read and understand what is actually happening, which is always a plus for a dictator. In addition, since our military will be weakened, it will be easier for a foreign power to take over our country.

And there’s more. We won’t be able to escape to the south because there will be a wall to keep us in. Hopefully, the takeover will occur in summer, as the northern border is a bit tricky when it’s under 6 feet of snow.

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So our country is being ruined by a president who lost the election by almost 2.9 million votes, who is friends with our foes, who clearly hates the American people and who couldn’t tell the truth if it was written on a map of Alabama.


Betsy Grimley,


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