I like beef and my father raised beef, but I wonder about Donald Trump’s beef deal with Japan.

It may be good for those in the beef industry to now have an agreement, even with cloudy details. However, by Trump dropping Barack Obama’s (the last word is key) Trans Pacific Partnership, which went into effect in March of 2018, 19 months ago, a loss of markets occurred in an agreement with 12 nations signing. Seven nations, including China, were in negotiations in the TPP.

An article I just read indicated that the Japanese are now enjoying the choices of more Canadian and Australian beef with the TPP. The Trump agreement is only with Japan. A web search indicated agreements with Vietnam for beef with the TPP. Now a lateral agreement will need to made with Vietnam and other 11 countries in the TPP not to mention the other countries involved in negotiations.

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The TPP was dropped in January of 2017 by the Trump administration. That is 33 months ago. So at this pace, how long will it take to get an agreement with the other countries? I thought a "businessman" president would speed the wheels of government?

Erwin Curry,


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