"Showy on the surface, but acquisitive and corrupt ..." Yes, he's an innkeeper who dabbles in real estate. He can no longer obtain loans from American banks, but has a tacit relationship with a German bank and Russian thugs. Where those connections might lead is concerning.

Donald Trump is a two-bit thug, therefore he respects only bigger thugs. That's a vast field.

It seems the Republican Party's dedication to pure greed has placed them at the whims of bought politicians, purchased officials and cheap judicial officers. Greed has a tendency to filter down to those dregs.

Truth is the first victim of such policy, and those indebted to it find themselves among strange bedfellows. Christian beliefs become uncomfortable and bring about chafing and squirming. Admitting hypocrisy is a difficult acknowledgement. So we see Republican senators and congressmen forced to retire if they choose to speak against Trump's larceny and psychopathic mendacity.

Words such as: "Uphold the Constitution" have devolved to the worth of beer bottle deposits among Republicans. Their allegiance to an openly corrupt acting — no, pretending president is paramount.

Migrants fleeing gang threats and governmental corruption encounter the very same when entering America and Trump's government.

Herbert Myers,


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