The "whistleblower" is Kellyanne Conway. Her vehement public defenses of all things Donald Trump make for a formidable shield, eh? Certainly, she's entitled to the protections of our laws.

She disappears from the screen for lengthy periods, then re-emerges to cast fogs over statements tweeted by Trump in the wee hours. His 3:33 a.m. pronouncements lack lucidity and wisdom. So, Conway comes on with clenched jaws and chastises the press for spotlighting Trump's nudity. The emperor exposes flabbiness, goosebumps and shriveled appendages with painful regularity. It's a nasty job; but, methinks she protests too much.

Conway sits poised to provide compelling defense for His Trumpness, so is well-informed on all his missteps. Keeping grit-teeth and feigning smiles she steps once again into the breach — till?

The "alternative" facts she invented for General Bone-Spurs have a limit, too. She of the alternative blonde hair, alternative lashes, alternative smile — alternative readings of the Constitution? Well, she can read, but Trump is notorious for his allergy to reading anything (McDonald's menu aside).

Trump always walks out on the check, and throws everyone under the bus. Good luck, Kellyanne Conway. And keep up the good work.

Herbert Myers,


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