We are now seeing a president who is taking crucial money away from our military here on our bases and away from strategic sites in other places in the world, sites that are important to the security of our nation against Russia, which is test-firing nuclear weapons. Putin has said "Donald" will buy them from Russia.

Disaster money is also being moved to support an unnecessary, bogus wall. We are now having one disaster after another and the money won't be there to help these people. Each day brings something else to weaken the strength of our country. Is it really about a wall or are we being handed over to a dangerous Russian Putin?

Apparently the only way we can stop this devastation of our military and our country is to get these people out of office. 'Moscow Mitch' McConnell must go along with the "royal family," who are spending taxpayer money on their luxuries, living and acting like kings.

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Our country is going trillions into debt, while they play a dangerous game.

Joseph Gervais,


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