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If Donald Trump were not given over $430 million in his lifetime and millions more when his father passed, he would be living in an alley somewhere dumpster-diving and sleeping under newspapers.

Donald Trump: Not very intelligent, uneducated, knows very little or nothing about democracy or the Constitution. An habitual liar. No empathy for human beings, not even his own family members.

Trump is easy to read and his lies are easy to pick out; if he opens his mouth it’s probably a lie. He has no moral compass, certainly not Christian. What happened to his announcement that he had put together the best administration in the history of America? Most of these appointed people are gone, fired, indicted, jailed or quit. What happened to those generals Trumpsters love to brag about?

A five-time draft dodger and known coward, Trump has absolutely no right to disrespect our military veterans and Gold Star families. His statement that he prefers those soldiers who don’t get captured (John McCain) is deplorable. Not my president, not ever!

Steven Wills,


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