On behalf of Transportation Security Administration employees statewide, I want to express my appreciation to people in communities across Montana who showed incredible generosity and concern during the recent partial government shutdown. Your kind words supplemented by donations motivated our workforce and allowed us to stay focused on our mission to keep the traveling public safe and secure during this uncertain time.

I cannot overstate the impact of the community’s donations. You delivered food and refreshments directly to the breakrooms, provided gift cards to help defray the cost of day-to-day needs and worked with the airport community in Missoula to ensure that our employees were well taken care of. Perhaps most importantly, through your words and actions, you recognized the critical role TSA plays in securing our nation’s transportation system.

Looking ahead, we will always remember the encouragement and support we received from you. Thank you for coming together to support the Montana TSA team in Missoula.

Dan Fevold,

federal security director for Montana,

Transportation Security Administration,


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