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Well, readers, it is finally time to turn USA politics over to sixth graders. Kids have more common sense than adults these days.

With all the finger-pointing on both sides of politics, it must be time to go toe-to-toe. Yes, childish, but why not?

A country so far in debt by politicians and not business-minded people. Criminals pardoned or merely evidence considered for one party and not the other. Equality for all! After all, 4 percent of the population made 96 percent cave in to them.

Benghazi is forgotten, with no consequences for the guilty. The Jesse Jackson group rallied people to their "cause," with no legal action. People financing riots need to be dealt with. OK, enough of what we all know goes on and we turn a blind eye to our favorites and complain about the rest. History has shown the eventual outcome. We will destroy this country by the rich elite that are above the law.

Follow all laws already in place, with equal justice for all. There is give and take for both sides so that we do survive in a great country! Ask any sixth-grader for advice or interpretation if you are confused.

Ron Albrecht,


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