Attention all veterans: Now is the time to pressure our government to make North Korea return the USS Pueblo.

Newspaper headlines for May 9, 2019, say, "US seizes large North Korean ship used to transport coal in latest trouble for nuclear talks." Although the ship was seized in April 2018, the seizure is just now being made public.

I am a U.S. Navy veteran, and would like to see the USS Pueblo returned. It was captured by the North Koreans on Jan. 23, 1968. Let's make a trade! Or maybe we could "negotiate" by seizing more North Korean ships until the Pueblo is returned. Better yet, we could do what the U.S. Marines did in 1804 when they burned the USS Philadelphia after it had been captured by Tripoli pirates. With today's technology, it would be very easy to drop an explosive-laden drone down the Pueblo's stack.

Our present administration may be the first one in 51 years which has a stiff enough spine to act. It only took our Marines three and a half months to avenge the Philadelphia's capture.

How about it? Write or call your congressmen.

Dale Ferguson,


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