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The University of Montana should not tolerate or host hate speech.

The University of Montana is providing Steve Bannon with a venue, lending him a veneer of respectability and helping mainstream his vile ideas. Bannon is a white supremacist whose morally repugnant, racist ideology harms the community. Hate speech like his leads to hateful actions.

We have recently seen swastikas painted around Missoula and white supremacist recruitment flyers posted at the university. Why has there been no response from the university president? Is this really the Missoula we want?

Bannon has every right to hold his opinion. He does not have a right to a publicly funded venue, cloaked in the reputation of the University of Montana. There is no space for racism or hate in Missoula or at the University of Montana. The university should tell Bannon to go elsewhere.

This letter is signed by the following Missoula Rises community members:

S.L. Sweitzer,

Mary Coar,

Amy Midgett,

C.M. Campbell,

Rebecca Weston,

Traci Duffin,

Lisa Carter,

Carole Baker,

Danielle Christian,

Danette Kowal Seiler,

Tylyn Newcomb,

Darik Coppedge,

Jane Doherty,

Loren Pinski,

John Nelson,

Leigh Ann Christian,

Diana Garrett,

June Ellestad,

Jennifer K. Hossack,

Melissa Sneed,

Emily Lucas,

Ruth Ann Swaney,

Jobyna McCarthy,

Lisa Michelle Smith,

Elizabeth Marshall,

Julie Merritt,

Salim Matt Gras,

Kylie Smith Barnes,

Carolynn M Fagan,

Thomas H. Cook,

Sally Friou,

Mary Archer,

Maria Ibarbia,

Megan Eandi,

Anna Rummel Tenenbaum,

Sarah and Jason Cooper,

Naomi Thornton,

Isabel Quintero,

Caitlin Shelman,

Eileen McGurty,

Caitlynn LeBlanc,

Whitney Banks,

Christine Fregerio,

Jonathan Malo,

Johnny Barber,

Karen Wickersham,

Mickey Hanson,

Jonathan Hanson,

Leannah Gardipe,

Jeff and Helen Rolston-Clemmer,

Erin White,

Richard Fifield,

Janet Roper,

Dawn Smith,

Kathryn Winters Smith,

Mateo Nelson,

Mary Durham,

Pamela Owen,

Pamela Nation,

Noelle Cheff,

Tracee Gianchetta,

Dodie Andersen,

Amy Nack,

Leslie Hiller,

Micah Sewell,

Kristina Cottam,

Marianne Forrest,

Denise Harmon,

Emma Pfeiffer,

DeAndria Gutzmer,

Roberta McLoughlin Bemis,

Emily Withnall,

Hayley Schmittinger-Skibo,

Linda Healow,

Pamela Boyd,

Francis Kromkowski Maternowski,

Stacey Bussey,

Alison Cobb,

Karen Crow,

Megan Duncan,

Chris Spencer,

Rachel Kantor,

Laura Bender,

Kathy Vaughan,

Kathy Dungan,

Kimberlee Carlson,

Seisin and Craig Eyer,

Sheila P. Dixson,

James N. Dixson,

Sally Painter,

Julie Cahill,

Jenece Sharkey,

Peggy Schmidt,

Delia Campfield,

Eduardo Capulong,

Nancy L. McCourt,

Kelly Slattery,

Janet Simms,

Brandi Ries,

Ben Darrow,  

Anne W Hanson,

Jack Wickersham,

Saxon Holbrook,

Carol Muir,

Jessica Catron,

Deborah Brown,

Lisa Warren,

Gina Morrill Olson,

Jenn Prinzing,

Maria Newbold,

Sue Allan,

Patricia Macmillan,

Steven D. McArthur,

Karen Frakie,

Michael Jarnevic,

Katrina Ruhmland,

Robyn Trott

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