Receive this letter in the spirit in which it is written. I am frustrated with the uncontrolled cost of prescription drugs. I rely on medications to manage chronic disease and it seems that every time I refill my prescriptions, the amount I’m charged goes up.

I find it particularly offensive when I discovered pharmaceutical manufacturers are offering rebates on many of the drugs. If they are lowering costs for their products, why are seniors not seeing those benefits?

Medicare Part D plan sponsors along with their partners pharmacy benefit managers are taking most of the rebates for themselves. These huge companies pad their profit margins while expecting seniors to pay more than ever out of their pockets.

Fortunately, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services saw through this charade and had proposed a change to Medicare Part D rules. This new policy would have mandated that rebates and discounts provided by drug makers be passed on to seniors. The proposed changes were recently withdrawn, but I am hopeful that there will be legislation in the near future with similar intent. I’m asking that Sen. Daines and Sen. Tester do everything in their power to make these rebate changes a reality.

Theodore Thompson, 


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