Last week on the Thom Hartmann show, he voiced his belief that eventually California, Oregon and California might combine with New York and several northeastern states and separate from the Union. These states pay more in federal taxes than they receive back, and due to the Senate system, a vote of a Wyoming or Montana resident has more value than a Californian’s vote.

I tend to agree with this prediction, although the exact nature and final makeup of a break up is difficult to predict.

In a May 11, 2018, New York Times article, Neil Gross, a professor of Sociology, writes that with the population of 325 million and extreme multiculturalism of the United States, that he believes that the nation is getting too large with its current governmental system.

Smaller populated Canada incorporates its multicultural diversity within its identity and government. The article states that this quandary was discussed in the nation’s founding, with Madison’s views — perhaps in error — prevailing.

This is all rather unsettling. Personally, most change has never been difficult for me, but this is uncomfortable to consider. If this occurs, and happens within my lifetime, how would I respond?

Erwin Curry,


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