The Montana Board of Regents has just proposed increasing Montana State University President Waded Cruzado’s salary by 49% to half a million dollars per year. They have also voiced support for a half-million-dollar bonus for University of Montana President Seth Bodnar if he stays at the university for five more years.

The median household income for a family in Montana is $53,000 per year. Does the president of Montana State deserve to be making 10 times what the average Montana household makes? Does Seth Bodnar, who just spearheaded the University of Montana’s plan to ax 58 faculty (12% of its full-time equivalents) and cut $5 million from its budget, deserve a half-million-dollar bonus?

Do people come to Montana State or the University of Montana because of Bodnar or Cruzado? Or do they come for our mountains, rivers and plains?

It doesn’t seem fair to me that bonuses and pay raises can be so easily thrown around for these public officials while most of Montanans languish. Especially at a time when faculty is being cut, degrees are being removed and enrollment has yet to be fixed. This smacks of the same corruption and greed we see every day on Wall Street.

Leonard Ormseth,


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