It’s great to see our state stepping up to support refugees as depicted in Paul Hamby’s “Children of Soft Landing explore Pattee Canyon” of Aug. 13. Children need to be protected. But more efforts can be made, specifically in the countries that the refugees are from.

Globally, tuberculosis (TB) is the leading cause of death from infectious disease. TB kills 1.6 million (people) per year. Current estimates show 10 million people in the world currently having TB. Of those, 4/10ths of them are undiagnosed. Recently, TB has become resistant to antibiotics.

The combination of these factors creates an alarming situation for people living in affected areas and domestically. Undiagnosed cases of TB have the potential to spread upon arrival to the U.S.

If not for the well-being of those directly affected throughout the world, we need to step up to protect U.S. citizens. TB endangers us all, and we must band together to eradicate it.

I urge U.S. Rep. Greg Gianforte to co-sponsor House Resolution 517, which will ensure sufficient funding to preserve the Global Fund, and save an estimated 16 million lives from TB and other diseases such as malaria and HIV/AIDS over the next three years.

Andrew Tschida,


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