Donald Trump’s fixation on a country’s allegiance to the United States dependent upon what they are willing to pay for our military aid is — well, rather mobbish.

The man who “can only see green,” according to his son, has turned our mighty, advanced and very expensive military into a mercenary force or maybe even a New York City underworld protection racket. A protection racket sells security through credible acts of violence, and may even imply that the customer may receive said treatment if money is not paid.

Trump has not necessarily gone the second step to threaten the country directly, if no payment is forthcoming, but one only has to wait for such in an early morning tweet.

Seems that the young men and women in our all-volunteer armed services are commodities to bargain with and sell to whoever writes the largest check. Such as the Saudis, who are notorious human rights abusers and sponsors of terrorists.

This administration is so out of step with the founding fathers' ideals that the country is now unrecognizable to the cognizant. We are on a perilous path with this man.

Erwin Curry,


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