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This letter is in response to Ron Osborn’s letter (Nov. 14) and everybody else who believes that diversity will make America great again. The exact opposite is the truth.

Since the change in immigration laws in 1965, this country has become vastly more diverse with the arrival of millions of legal and illegal immigrants from everywhere in the world. In 1970, America was 83 percent white. It was 61 percent white in 2016 and is projected to be less than 50 percent white by 2045. Shouldn’t that be enough diversity to make America already great and becoming greater every year?

America is not becoming greater every year because diversity is not a strength. Diversity is divisive. Minority and special-interest groups fight only for their own self-interests at the expense of the common good. This is identity politics. It dominates the Democratic Party. The result is the bitterly divisive politics that we have been experiencing in this country for many years now.

If diversity is what you want, move to California. It’s already a majority-minority state. That’s the reason why thousands are fleeing the state and coming to places like Montana.

Henry Fowler,


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