Fact must be separated from fiction if we are to have better security along our southern border. Unwarranted fears, fanned by falsehoods and unfounded concerns, have contributed to the deadlock in which our nation is embroiled.

The Jan. 31 seizure of a record amount of fentanyl and 395 pounds of methamphetamine, concealed in an 18-wheeler, provides an excellent example of smart border protection. Border officers, aided by a detection dog, apprehended the produce truck and its deadly load of drugs. 1,500 trucks enter at this Nogales, Arizona, crossing daily. Huge quantities of drugs arrive in trucks and through airports and seaports, rather than across miles of remote stretches of unfenced desert. We need state-of-the-art technology and additional, better-trained officers at our border crossings and airports, and increased Coast Guard surveillance along our Gulf of Mexico and Pacific coastlines.

Studies in Texas contradict false claims, instead proving that the crime rate among illegal immigrants is a full 50 percent below that of others. Perpetrators in horrific murders in churches, schools, a synagogue, a newspaper office, a music festival and a bank were all American citizens, not illegal immigrants. Migrants seeking asylum here are not our national emergency.

Jeanne Welty Southwood,


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