The reports concerning the Trump administration's inhumane treatment of asylum seekers on our southern border, especially its policy of separating children from their parents, rarely if ever mention that this is another chapter in the history of white efforts to destroy Native American family structure.

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the U.S forced Native Americans into concentration camps where they died of neglect and disease until they were permanently confined to their reservations. Then we forcibly took away their children to boarding school where they could be "Christianized."

Today many, if not most of the people coming from Central America to ask for our help appear to be of Incan or Aztec heritage, so it seems we are repeating past brutalities against Native peoples only this time instead of the separated children going to boarding schools, they simply disappear with no record of their whereabouts.

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These events made it appropriate for Donald Trump to celebrate July 4 with tanks on the Washington mall.

James G. Todd Jr.,


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