Let's imagine that humans meet a superior species — stronger, smarter and more vicious than we are.

They chain us, train us, experiment on us. They force us to entertain them, and they hold us captive for rape. They hunt us, trap us and take pictures of us when we have been "harvested." They cut us into pieces, tear our skin from us, throw us into boiling water, and make words about ecosystems, wildlife management and the "natural" way of things.

Then we will finally ponder ontological parity, virtue, empathy — making all sorts of "moral" claims about justice and fairness. In response, some won't care, some will cut with greater precision, some will ignore us, and others will laugh sadistically. Our bourgeois universities will "smoke" their books with more intensity until they, too, perish in the Great Annihilation, the New Holocaust.

Then, there will be others who awaken to the truth of things and realize that our dream of fertility, western expansion, colonialism, violence and eugenics is truly what we have known all along — a national socialist nightmare coming to your door.

Kevin Boileau,


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