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The midterms were full of door knocks, phone calls and asks for your precious time. Through those asks, we had the largest voter turnout in history.

As a concerned citizen of human rights and the planet, I'm asking you to stay involved. Missoula is lucky to have so many groups in our community fighting for the health of our community regionally and nationally. Environmental groups swarm Missoula with chances to become involved and stay up-to-date on the issues that are affecting clean air and clean water.

We can keep the swing of involvement up if we talk to our neighbors, friends and community about the small ways we can get involved each week. We could spend two hours a week making phone calls with a local environmental group, an hour a week packing at the food bank, or anything else that might fit with your particular interests.

Volunteering is proven to lift depressive spirits that might swarm you in the winter. You walk out feeling better and more accomplished than you did when you walked in.

Keeping involvement rates high only lifts our chances for success in electing officials that represent humanistic values in 2020.

Daphne Beeson,


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