"Form" and "content" are, in my opinion, essential elements to have in mind as we navigate the rather turbulent and troubled political waters these next 21 months before the general election on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020.

"Form" is things like party affiliation, gender, ethnicity, behavior, physical appearance, age, voice, use of language, specific policy actions. "Content" is things like character, ethics, attitudes, treatment of others, honesty, motivations for policy decisions.

America has the great opportunity in this election cycle to put "content" front-and-center in listening, evaluating and ultimately, voting.

There are two obvious facts about America: 1. Americans generally lean heavily in favor of "content" in choosing a president. 2. In order for 1 to operate effectively, the bulk of eligible voters must vote.

Form or content, what a choice; let's speak for content, with America's voice.

Bob McClellan,


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