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All the ads and the back and forth can certainly be confusing. There’s another, easier way to look at things.

All the over $12 million and counting ad dollars supporting Initiative 185 come from just two Big Tobacco companies. Gee, they wouldn’t lie to us, would they? And they sure want us to be healthy, too. Not!

I-185 pays for itself and if you don’t smoke you don’t pay. Currently, many of your tax dollars are paying for the programs that I-185 will pay for.

"Yes" on I-186 is a no-brainer. If you think mining companies should be “free” to rape and pillage the land, making zillions of dollars, and leave the rest of us to pay for cleaning up their mess, forever, then you should take your family and friends for a swim in the Berkeley Pit.

The treasures of the Treasure State no longer come out of the ground, but are the ground, and air and water itself. Outdoor recreation and tourism are the new drivers of our economy and we must protect and maintain them. Besides, it says so in our state Constitution.

Mark Van Loon,


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